Jealous stalker jailed for sending threatening messages to student for months

Jealous stalker jailed for sending threatening messages to student for months

A jealous man who stalked a fellow student has been jailed after subjecting his victim to months of threatening messages.

Jack Blewett, 20, spent five months sending stalking emails and messages from false and encrypted accounts.

He sent abusive and threatening messages to his victim, and claimed packages would be sent to her.

One message talked about a ‘big finale’ and featured a gun emoji.

Blewett, of Rosehill Meadow in Heamoor, Cornwall, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court to 20 months in prison.

He admitted two counts of stalking causing serious alarm or distress between September 2019 and February 2020.

Blewett was caught due to a combination of digital evidence found on his electronic devices, IP data from his social media accounts and forensic evidence from a handwritten note.

Investigating officer from Avon and Somerset Police, David Barrie, said: ‘Blewett’s offences caused a serious amount of distress for his victim over a prolonged period of time.

‘Blewett became fixated with her and jealous of the friendships she formed.

‘Instead of admitting responsibility and apologising at the start of the police investigation, Blewett chose to taunt the investigating officers behind anonymous email platforms and continued to threaten the victim with escalating seriousness.

‘This was a frightening and anxious time for the victim, who found herself fearing for her safety on a daily basis.

‘I would especially like to thank the victim for her continued co-operation and support throughout this investigation.

‘Online stalking is a crime that has a horrendous impact on any victim and we’d urge anyone who finds themselves in that position to speak to us and have confidence that – like with this incident – we will treat it with the utmost seriousness.’